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Our Place in the Cosmos

This is pretty much my idea of how we all come to take up residence on this planet. It`s pretty nice and pretty broad when you think about what these scientists are saying, or rather, "Pondering..."

A physicist (quantum) friend of mine and I used to reach the conceptual understanding, which this video pretty well illustrates:

"The Big Bang is NOW!"

When viewed with a higher perspective, from what we know about the space-time continuum the above statement is true.

The creator `spirit,` if you will, the seed to life in this world, comes from the Great Central Creator Sun. You can feel it`s essence in the form of warmth you get sitting in the sunshine.

You can learn to feel this warmth, the spirit of the Creator Force within yourself. Follow the practices of <a href=``>HeartMath</a> learn to hear your heart and `feel` the life-energy within yourself. Know then your true identity as a Citizen of the Planet.


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