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About This Website
This website is designed on the premise that most people would seek out a place that brings them satisfaction and puts a smile on their face.

GlobalHeart is a collection of sayings, images, and videos from all over the web. Focused on giving you something to appreciate, helping you keep your brain and heart in tune with each other.

How to Add Your Own Inspiration, religious, calming, pets and animals being adorable, stuff that allows you to find something beautiful to help you start appreciating again.

Appreciation and Care are the cornerstones of behavioral change agents, scientifically proven to make you healthier and happier.

We subscribe to the scientific studies of the institute of <a href="">heartmath</a> scientific findings and studies that bear it out.

GlobalHeart helps thousands of people "get back on track" in these hard-times financially. Grab onto something that will inspire you to find your inner joy.

Contributors have it even better. The act of signing up, logging in, and sharing an image and your words about the inspiration helps you feel better, while you share this with others. It`s a two-way win!

So have fun, keep it clean, if you have doubts about something`s acceptability, leave it off the site.

Not for adult material.

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